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Policy of Chinese limitation use polybag meets with 5 read by accident greatly
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On January 14, tell a state 9 Le Fudian that cultivate the home the ◎ other one counter photographs / Lv Jiazun of our newspaper reporter

By the railroad that one farmer is versed in the station hangs full polybag on branch

- is polybag poisonous?

- the source that polybag is pollution?

- does paper bag compare polybag more environmental protection?

- Chinese plastic industry because " announcement " inflict heavy losses on?

- is environmental protection " announcement " the sole purpose that come on stage?

◎ article / Deng Yanling of our newspaper reporter

“ limitation is used, it is to use polybag better, the figure of polybag can ameliorate. Ma Zhanfeng of deputy secretary-general of association of industry of ” China plastic treatment does not worry about the “ future ” that polybag is in China at all it seems that.

On January 15 morning, he shares the capacity of constitutor with a policy, unscramble what general office of the State Council allotted recently to the reporter " use about restricting production to sell plastic the announcement of shopping bag " (the following abbreviation is " announcement " ) . And look in him, of because great majority person is right plastic, polybag do not understand, inform existence to this the move is a lot of read by accident, it is clear that the problem of a lot of natures was not told up to now.

Since June 1, 2008, prohibit inside countrywide limits what production, sale, use ply is less than 0.025 millimeter is plastic shopping bag, abbreviation is ultrathin and plastic shopping bag; Since June 1, 2008, the goods such as mart of trade of all supermarkets, bazaar, market is retail the place should be executed plastic shopping bag is paid use system, uniform must not offer freely plastic shopping bag; Each should pass the method such as relevant policy, standard, technology to rise about the branch useless reclaim plasticly use a level; Advocate consumer to carry food basket of cloth bag, bring up again again, reduce use polybag.

—— " use about restricting production to sell plastic the announcement of shopping bag " summary

- read by accident one: Is polybag poisonous?

Want to produce qualification only, polybag is avirulent

As " announcement " allot, without giving thought to previously whether somewhat hear of, sciolistic, still did not realize at all, anyway the person of whole the world rose on January 9 from this year, all knows The red flags are flapping in the wind polybag is not of environmental protection east east.
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