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TV Taobao convenience store off all the goods and household items were on sale
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Do you every day for oil prices to worry about rice? Whether you are cheaper to buy items in the rice oil back and forth between the supermarket? From December 25 onwards, you just touch of the remote control at home, television Taobao rice oil will be cheaper items delivered to your home. The number of reporters from China Taobao was informed that from December 25 to 10 days from the television all the goods convenience store Taobao 9 fold, rice oil, big price cuts all necessities of life. Other featured products 2 fold. Users can also grab a red envelope to participate in online activities, limit red envelopes of cash grab, the maximum discount and then up to 8.8 fold. In addition, the TV under the feet of the original capital Taobao, the total price of 1.88 million yuan to the user introduced a line under the big red envelopes of cash delivery, users get through the red envelopes Post Number verification code to activate the TV can be used Taobao. Chinese number Taobao remind users during the event, due to low commodity prices, in order to ensure that more users to buy goods, do not accept large-scale buy the same goods; part of a limited edition merchandise each day, set-top boxes, the purchase of goods will change Order number when prompted, while only the distribution of goods convenience store and hook village in Hangzhou (not including Yuhang, Xiaoshan District). Number of Taobao, said China, as is the return on the user end of the year, huge investment, the price activity for 10 days, to Jan. 3 deadline. It is reported that China is currently a total number of TV Taobao together with the introduction of thousands of products, goods and other large scale and Lianhua Supermarket consistent, to meet the family on the necessities of the category, brand and size selection on a single product.