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Market of the Microsoft China that start is retail and politic
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On June 17, microsoft (China) limited company announces, start Chinese market formally retail strategy, ” of inn of Microsoft “Windows experience is garrisoned above all Su Ning, bilateral collaboration offers the customer that is Chinese market one-stop shop new channel.

This the key with retail and politic Microsoft is to be inside countrywide limits advocate push Microsoft “Windows to experience inn ” , offer digital life to experience platform for terminal consumer with this, reveal and sell the product such as software of Vista of Microsoft authorised edition, Windows, Office.

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Comment: Partner of business of meeting demarcate certificate runs prison of card of risk of occurrence systematization of vigilant stock market fall after a rise receives a time international oil price at every pails of 132 dollars the 4 city that become Shanghai are filled with 8 months shrink rate approach 20 times Hai Xin clarifies Nuojiya again “ contribution did not reach the designated position”” of index of confidence of recruit “ investor investigates object   up to now, ” of inn of experience of Windows of Microsoft “ W already first entering Su Ning is in countrywide Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Shenyang the 15 doors inn of 8 cities. Be in Shanghai area, ” of “Windows experience inn already settle grows peaceful, Pudong in Su Ning creek of the first inn, Zhao Jia store of 3 big flagship. Bilateral plan builds 100 “Windows to experience inn ” in this year. The price of software of Microsoft authorised edition also will have relatively substantially drop, be like Vista price only 499 yuan, its cost price exceeds 1400 yuan, office2007 student edition also sells 699 yuan only in Su Ning.

The success of “ brand retailing shop is established, the mark is worn Microsoft in Chinese market retail strategy is begun smoothly already, the attention that reflected Microsoft adequately to be changed to Chinese consumer shopping habit takes seriously with what buy object check. Look into future, microsoft sincerity hopes to be able to be on the foundation that cooperates with Su Ning, as collective as more this locality partners hand in hand, pass open up of this kind of shopping mode retail domain new scope of operation. Chen Xueliang of president of division of big China of ” Microsoft recreation and facilities facilities ministry is in speak of why to choose Su Ning electric equipment (002024 prices, ) when regarding a hair as the partner, express, su Ning electric equipment compared perfect retail network and after service to obtain Microsoft to favor.

The personage inside course of study expresses, use the in a popular style of the market, easily in China as IT product change and home appliance is changed, more and more consumer expect to build life of diversity number recreation in the compose in the family, the shopping demand of individual user and buy a habit also subsequently and change. What intellectual property of protection of together with China works is ceaseless and perfect of consciousness of authorised edition of as broad as China user rise, microsoft act according to circumstance, make the retailing shop of its major brand, in order to consolidate its are in China the lead position of the market.
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