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The pyroelectricity refrigeration equipment that domestic industry application c
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On April 15, office of service of Canadian border land informs China is stationed in Canadian diplomatic mission to be in business counsellor place, say its already received an eligible and written application that comes from Canadian Koolatron company, ask to be originated in formerly or exporting the pyroelectricity refrigeration from China equipment is mixed hot pump (Thermoelectric Coolers And Warmers) make turning over a dumping to turn over allowance to incorporate investigate, bugle call of duty of customs of Canada of experience case product is 8418699090, 8418999090, 8418619190, 8418501000.

Apply for to just think, experience case product is put in dumping and allowance, caused to Canadian country industry damage, dumping profit margin is 47% - 117% , allowance extent is 25% - 50% . Current, canadian border land serves arrange to undertaking checkup to this requisition, will make a decision at put on record is being denied namely before May 15.

According to statistic of Electromechanical chamber of commerce, 2007, china exports amount of experience case product to restrain 21.76 million dollar to Canada, grow 111% compared to the same period. This case once put on record, turn over the 7th when the home made product in becoming Canada to be opposite initiates the dumping to turn over filling joint to be investigated.

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