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Retail sale excel anticipates
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Beautiful couplet store need takes action with inflation of keep within limits

American Philadelphia couplet store Zhousi expresses bank president Puluose, interest of level of American current interest rate rises at economy, but beautiful couplet store need keeps vigilant, anticipate in order to assure inflation controlled. He still says, still walk out of the predicament of insecurity of financial domain credit not completely, cannot count on drawback act to produce durative effect to American economy.

When refer dollar Puluose expresses, the dollar is in the beauty couplet store interest rate did not evolve into a mainer factor in decision-making process, exhausted the message that weak dollar offerred footing of a few concerned monetary policy and inflationary prospect. Respecting inflation, pu Luose says near future data enhanced beautiful couplet store the official be anxiousing to inflation, beautiful couplet store must pay close attention to mix later this year the inflationary foreground of next year, need takes action will ease inflationary pressure. Pu Luose points out, apparent interest rate needs to be increased in the future, this is time problem only, the United States' current whole and core inflation rate do not accord with prices to stabilize a level.

Excel of retail in May sale anticipates the United States

Zhou Si of American Department of Commerce is announced, the United States is retail in May the sale grows 1.0% , former beforehand appraise is growth 0.5% ; The retail sale that deducts a car grows 1.2% , former beforehand appraise is growth 0.7% .

Predicting Europe Central Bank will cease at will rising in July

Appear investigation to show according to the road, the analyst anticipates next month of euro region interest rate to will go up now tone, as money market this week begins detain to note in that way. Additionally the analyst goes up again at the same time moved what inflation leads pair this year beforehand appraise. Go a few days, european Central Bank (ECB) officials published a chain of suggestion to rise the opinion on public affairs of breath possibly in July, make an analyst finally make what move on interest rate general forecast, analysts think euro region interest rate can be by 2009 no longer fall before to 4.0% the following. This monthly investigation that in June 6~12 day has shows, suffer there are 61 to predict in visitting 81 analysts, interest rate will be in before the 3rd quarter ends, go up move 25 base point to 4.25% , and it is likely most on July 3 on the conference. In be being investigated last week, suffer 24 in visitting 62 analysts to predict to will rise in July breath.

Anticipate British Central Bank will lower interest this year

The road that announces according to Zhou Si appears investigation to show, analysts still anticipate British Central Bank will lower interest this year, be different from litre of breath twice of money market to anticipate. Price of interest rate futures this week drops greatly, since achieving Central Bank of the 10 many England year ago to make monetary policy independently permissibly, the oldest odd-numbered days drops, your part analyst is made lower interest anticipate.
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