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CMS/VT: England is retail data rises unexpected
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Get crude price fall after a rise yesterday, namely the United StatesDataNot beautiful, DollarGo up yesterday drop each other shows. Retail data will achieve England 22 years to come May the biggest go up, PoundRise accordingly. Add yuanWithBay yuanAdd dollar also appears those who last rise.

From last week bay yuan drop broken ascendant trend, this week rises continuously, be located in 0.95 brunt at present, hopeful checks perch again. But probable it is to be in those who build Xiong Fu to begin.

Economic data

American & Canada

Up to June 14 on the weekend, the United States the first time application unemployment drops 5, 000, achieve 381, 000, under anticipate. Relatively rebound last week apparent, 4 weeks are average new application unemployment rises 3, 250, to 375, 250, come from October 2005 the 2nd high cost. Up to will apply for a number to drop continuously on the weekend June 7 76, 000, to 3, 060, 000. Market of service of data indication United States still low fan.

Philadelphia business is brisk in June the index falls to - 17.1, will be May - 15.6. Index of statistic of 5 new order drops to - 12.4, data makes clear Philadelphia manufacturing industry as before fatigued and weak.

Canada suffers oil price to rise, CPI will rise May 2.2% (annual rate) , from Feburary the biggest go up, 1.0% (the month is led) , come from 1991 highest, core inflation keeps changeless, 1.5% (annual rate) , 0.3% (the month is led) , like anticipating together.

Retail data will exceed England May anticipate, rise 3.5% , come from 1986 the most rising, will drop April 0.3% . Annual rate rises 8.1% . Come from 2002 highest. Data shows England consumes the market and did not break down.

England is retail data


 Japanese Central BankThe official says Japanese economy suffers oil price and commodity to rise in price influence uncertainty increases.

The life says China must allow all rightRMBAppreciate quickly, swarm into those who be faced with a large number of hot money otherwise. China looks the inflation this year demarcate is in before 4.6% , adjust now for 7% .
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