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Argentina holds Chinese supermarket industry to be on sale meeting
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Siai benefit of Nuo of appropriate of xinhua net cloth this on June 13 report (Yun Fengjun raise of clean of reporter the Song Dynasty) industry of supermarket of the 4th Argentine Chinese is on sale can be in 13 days Si Aili of Nuo of appropriate of Argentine capital cloth this.

Well-known company mixes about a hundred international large quantities of Chinese supermarket industry person attended to be on sale this meeting. This also is Argentine Chinese exceeds business and self-help supermarket consortium (consortium of abbreviation Chinese supermarket) hold such is on sale the 4th year to meet continuously, the purpose is to add
The connection between industry of strong Chinese supermarket, build the platform that a communication negotiates for supermarket owner and supplier, also can show the state that the last few years expands line of business of Argentine Chinese supermarket flourishingly at the same time.

The cloth appropriate Nuo that attends an opening ceremony this Ailisi says in city mayor mark, the rapid development of Chinese supermarket created more obtain employment opportunities, also promoted Argentine economy growth at the same time. Cloth municipal government will continue to support the development of Chinese supermarket industry. He points out at the same time, oneself will head for China to visit recently, the hope can attract more Chinese enterprises to invest to Argentina.

China is stationed in Argentine ambassador Ceng Gang to emphasize in the speech, at present Argentina has supermarket of many 4000 Chinese, formed distinctive supermarket culture. These Chinese supermarkets created many obtain employment opportunity not only, and very positive to stablizing the prices of Argentina to also rise effect.

Chen Daming of chairman of consortium of Argentine Chinese supermarket says, course of study of annual Argentine Chinese supermarket is on sale the communication of the person that meeting general promotes Argentine business circles and Chinese supermarket trade, prompt the sale of outstanding brand, make Argentine business circles and body of Chinese supermarket industry geminate win pattern.

There is 60 thousand person about in Argentine Chinese at present, be in business for the most part among them, and because supermarket industry asks to the language pressure of not tall, capital is not great and the first selection that makes a Chinese be in business. According to statistic of Chinese supermarket consortium, distributing to exceed 4000 in Argentine Chinese supermarket, among them many 2500 concentration is in cloth city and circumjacent and provincial area.

Industry of current Chinese supermarket is on sale meeting general concludes at 15 days.

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