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Steely industry: Data of wall bulletin of rolled steel imports and exports will
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Custom releases data of imports and exports of newest and steely product to occupy

Custom is newest statistic, portion our country exported rolled steel in May 2008 5.56 million tons, increase 780 thousand tons than April, with photograph comparing will reduce 610 thousand tons May last year, drop compared to the same period 9.9% , fall close narrow. 1-5 month accumulative total exports 21.71 million tons, drop compared to the same period 20.8% ; Accumulative total of 1-5 month rolled steel exports amount to be 19.8 billion dollar, grow 10.3% compared to the same period.

Portion our country imported rolled steel in May 2008 1.34 million tons, relatively will drop April 160 thousand tons, with reduced 40 thousand tons with comparing of phase of the moon last year, drop compared to the same period 2.9% ; 1-5 month accumulative total imports 7.02 million tons, drop compared to the same period 3.5% .

Iron ore will import 38.91 million tons May, relatively will drop in April 3.74 million tons, grow 40.87% than was the same as a month last year; 1-5 month accumulative total imports one hundred and ninety-two million three hundred and fifty thousand tons, grow 19.6% compared to the same period; Iron ore accumulative total imports amount to reach 25.2 billion dollar, grow 113.8% compared to the same period.

Brief judge

Rolled steel exit is successive 3 months occurrence annulus is compared rebound

Since this year although lunar rolled steel exports a quantity to still all be compared to the same period,drop, but begin from March, lunar annulus rises than exporting a quantity to all appear, the abidance that we think rolled steel speaks a volume rebounds to expand ceaselessly with price of domestic and international rolled steel have close tie, will look at present, price of domestic steel products is the same as difference of price of European United States to all be in 200 dollars above, with middle east valence differs the area to also be controlled in 100 dollars, differ with whorl steel and wire price especially among them the biggest. Considering the trend that at present domestic and international price continues to expand, exit of later period rolled steel measures annulus to still can last than rebounding circumstance.

Rolled steel exit measures annual compared to the same period downtrend is apparent

As a result of the limitation that the country exports to rolled steel, drop what rolled steel exports since this year compared to the same period more, we predict about 52 million tons to annual rolled steel speaks a volume, make an appointment with 11 million tons or so than dropping last year.

Rolled steel exports breed structure to produce change

But look from breed, 1-4 month exports the 55.5% wire is a club in decrement, we think to export breed structure to look from this year will give priority to with plank. Because marvellous wire occupies much in exit of reductive rolled steel, and this kind of rolled steel also is home's relatively in short supply breed, accordingly we think rolled steel exit decreases to be pounded to home market is not very big.
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