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From Japan content shedding develops the inadequacy that views government of our
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The development that Japanese content sorts, change to connect cheek by jowl with what storage manages. Production company of abundant cropland car is doing poineering work earlier, manage efficiency to rise, reduce manufacturing cost, begin to undertake reform to storage management. Feng Tian has a lot of combination to produce manufacturer in Japan, the component that so every manufacturer produces deposits the storehouse that managing severally in, the total finished product that ships abundant cropland car by proper time installs the storehouse that workshop place belongs to. Later, the company comes out storehouse from the depart in single production manufacturer, establish special storage center, concentration is deposited and manage component, supply total finished product to install a workshop directly. This changes the sense is very great, it made Japan appear to be engaged in the socialization content of storage management technically shedding a center, advanced the development that content sorts greatly.
Production business of connection of upper reaches of content shedding center or imports and exports are duty-free storehouse, downstream and outspread to all sorts of dispersive shop, japanese content sheds association (the heart ” that paddy of JILS) standing director Mr Shu Yuanshu is analogy of its figure ground “ person. The design that Japanese content sheds a center emphasizes commonly stereo change and automation.
Aotobacks is the other people with Japanese the oldest dimensions sheds one of centers, have automation of one a complete set of inventory management, efficient sorting transmission equipment and the thing that deserve in time to send shed a system, tackle 250 shop everyday nearly 100 thousand content shedding deserve to send a service order form. Content sheds a center not to add in even the boss to 100 people, normally such content sheds a system to need 400 people at least in the developed country. Aotobacks an important service concept, reduce shop workload as far as possible namely, make shop more dedicated serve for the client. Accordingly, content spreads the central demand according to shop, pack the goods of 90% ravel, can go up quickly in order to make sure goods arrives after inn goods shelves.
Scale of resource of our country storehouse is larger, only the storehouse area of current domain amounts to 300 million much square metre. But our country storehouse is general the function is not strong, mostly only commodity stores function, rarely content shedding deserves to send a function, and it is dispersedly in each enterprises, rate of storage management socialization is not high. As a result of administrative lag of our country storage, utilization rate of storage facilities resource still is less than on average 40% , bring about content to shed efficiency general and low. Average cycle is the inventory of link of our country trade flow 5 days; Blame manufacturing industry (contain wholesale with retail trade) inventory is average and periodic it is 4 days. In our country whole commodity produces a sale in, it is only with the time that makes at treatment 10% the left and right sides, and the time that content shedding process takes up is almost 90% . Accordingly, our country should develop modern other people to flow, must undertake to traditional storage company conformity is mixed transform, use efficiency in order to raise level of content shedding service and capital fund. . . .
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