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Egypt imports iron and steel to do not have limitation and taxation
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People net dispatch will is stationed in according to coming from Egypt on June 4 China the message of diplomatic mission, · Mohammed · pulls Egypt business affairs and industrial minister Laxide rare heart says, egypt does not have any limitation to importing a ferroconcrete, be imported to encourage and compete in order to command the price, the sea custom duty that abolished to iron and steel goods is imported and dumping duty.

Laxide's minister says, business affairs and industrial ministry already ready-made offers all convenience conditions to considering the person that imports steely goods from any countries, he does not admit to concern steely to Wukelan and Turkey goods to collect the statement of dumping duty. He says, department of Commerce abolished from 2004 all these taxation.

Laxide's minister still says, egypt government welcomes all wanting that the person of the steely goods of any amounts is sold in Egypt market with lower price, premise is he must abide by relevant norms requirement.

Laxide's minister complement says, abolish the main purpose of the sea custom duty of all commodity and dumping duty is to encourage an import. He says, as a result of price of the sources of energy soare, the influence that each national capital rises point-blank by price of reinforcing steel bar.

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