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Difficult emersion of MALL of the 2nd Jin Yuan
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3 years ago, a so-called whole world is the greatest the shopping centers of SHOPPING MALL- - Mall of century gold source is in Beijing on the west the practice outside 3 annulus, this kind of industry condition that has matured in abroad entered the Chinese's field of vision suddenly. But after the practice celebration in dynamic passes, this investment is as high as 3.8 billion yuan, the exceeded large shopping center to be come from each doubt that the area exceeds 680 thousand square metre, the occurrence that somebody thinks such newly emerging things is in China too lead, somebody denounces the … of traffic environment inconvenience here…

Although a variety of difficulty exist all the time, but after 3 years this gigantic the news that without bully class other shopping center announced to begin profit. The circumstance that client of period of strong start business rambles to be not bought only also gradually not answer exist. Contrary, on the weekend when the long dragon before the crowd that can see the position waits at the door each meal inn and cinema door. The fact makes clear, this colossus that doubt suffers when be born is going on a benign development course stage by stage.

As the growth of the growth of Chinese economy and consumer purchasing power, chinese business also grows period unprecedentedly at, the flying development be obvious to all of general merchandise course of study, in last few years the whole nation each are big the city begins even city of a few 23 lines to appear ceaselessly even a few super and large shopping center. But subsequently and those who come is natural environment refuse to obey, after passing period of time, each district clamour temporarily SHOPPING MALL is not little already cease all activities. People discovery, times of so called MALL has not come far in China.

The message that Jin Yuan MALL begins profit gives it seems that countrywide each district unplugs everywhere now the ground and rise each are big shopping centers brought a hope. But Beijing source inferior Qiao Chongguo of chief inspector of business of action of commercial management limited company thinks, the success of century gold source is a case only, such environment issues “ now, MALL of the 2nd Jin Yuan appears impossibly. Project of commerce of ”“ neither one is born to be destined to move toward death, of project later period breeding also is exceeding and important segment. To MALL of century gold source, another compares good condition to take the cost of the ground at the outset namely. Reach the commercial program that a land makes near century city centrally entirely together make it exceeds large shopping center, look now can regard as almost do not have cost, and it is impossible to appear that such opportunity is put to now. ” Qiao Chongguo says.

Look in him, times of so called MALL has not come far. Swarm into China ceaselessly in last few years as foreign capital, retail big alligator is in China blossom everywhere of second line city, the idiomatic way that develops business commonly is gaze at they, general merchandise and appearance of shopping centers course of study are made around. Average home happy blessing and Woerma basically are to make provision, want to be managed with their amlposition only, still have living space.
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