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Carbon takes manufacturer
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It is a major is engaged in heat turning imprint the high-tech business that carbolic belt is produced and sells. The company held water in April 2002, belong to Zhejiang to save company of new and high technology. The company has his institute, collected the most outstanding talent in the industry. The company invents patent technology and own intellectual property on recipe, equipment and craft. Of the company advocate hit product heat to turn imprint carbon takes fill home is blank, by the country 5 big ministries and commissions are judged for national emphasis new product, character reachs world top-ranking level completely. As a result of the lead dominant position on the technology, the company is appointed to be heat to turn by MII imprint the group leader unit that carbon heads Chinese occupation standard to make. Company product faces global sale, those who got global user is general approbate, had made the whole world at present one of OEM business with the mainest business of lumber of numerous bad news. 5 annulus and CMARK our registered trade mark, as a result of its outstanding character has made the popular brand of China and whole world.

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