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The United States and unconscious ox leave the country go bankrupt to still have
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In the most successful company on the world, the famousest is Microsoft probably. Everyday, gates of the · that compare Er awakes, his fortune can raise 20 million dollar. Countless competitors hate it or envy it, but namely cannot crumple up it. However, gates of the · that compare Er has a famous remark however: “ Microsoft leaves go bankrupt to have eighteen month ” only forever.

The country is beautiful, unconscious Niu Ye is one of China's most successful companies, the United States buys the nation always after Le Zhi, solemning already was the king of channel, its president Huang Guangyu is Chinese head more rich. And cheat an ox a few years from a few 100 million accomplish exceed one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, fame is at the summit of one's power more.

The person that succeed reminds him to leave go bankrupt have many far, it is to give oneself to create the crisis actually. Because of the person that succeed not be to die at outstanding achievement mostly, the person that succeed dies at namely mostly too too successful. To China head rich nation yellow light makes rich, grow to China the fastest company cheats an ox, we can use a word of Gates of the · that compare Er probably, in the success that the person that will remind these successes does not want to die at oneself, this word is: Is the country beautiful, unconscious does Niu Li go bankrupt is there many far?

The developmental course of nature and mankind tells us, the person that succeed dies at succeeding, oneself are not below the circumstance mostly insufficient effort, change because of what disregard an environment however, regard successful reason as lasting, but the environment has changed, such, egregious the “ narcissism ” to the success.

When for instance we are talking about royal, Baidu, once pointed out, dinosaur is powerful animal, the life is in the forest with very superior environment, the camel wants it seems that puny much, live in the desert with harsh environment. But dinosaur had been eradicated today, but the camel still exists however.

Why to meet such? The reason depends on superior environment to overmatch it is a hell. The overmatch that succeeds more formidably more, heal to the dependence of successful environment big, conversely, the live person in harsh environment, it is to be in struggle to live, so harsh environment becomes changing motive force instead.

For instance the camel can drink below 100 kilograms water in ten minutes, the skin of the camel can adjust temperature according to environmental temperature, save moisture effectively thereby. So, the camel can walk up a lot of days in harsh desert environment, and do not need to drink water. Conversely, the superior modes of life and relation to their environment a few years ago, let dinosaur become more and more powerful, but once this kind of zoology is lost, the time that dinosaur eradicates arrived.
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