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Heilongjiang - Harbin bar code maintains technical service center
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Our company will be nonsked undertake grooming to technical personnel, in order to raise the technical level of technical personnel and service level. The international manufacturer such as company and Intermec, CASIO, Symbol is maintaining good cooperative relationship, having powerful mothball support. The senior engineer of my company, having rich practice experience, have higher technical level and service level, passed the professional technology attestation of concerned company, obtained letter of professional technology attestation, get all circles occurrences in human life reputably.

We provide the following service for you:

One, service content

1) the technology seeks advice (13585532023 Mr Liu)

The problem that in solving a client to be used in equipment, produces, can undertake advisory through the phone. Pass a phone to be able to communicate forthrightly; Also can leave a message through the website means, this kind of means can undertake communicating not only, still can build a few documentation, those who conduce to a problem accumulate, the problem that same kind solves after be lays next foundations; The client can ask our engineer solves a problem to the spot.

The product that 2) services

1) , bar code scanner and maintenance of gun of bar code scanning | Bar code printer is maintained | Label printer is maintained | Maintenance of form code printer | Bar code machine is maintained | Data is collected implement maintenance | Bar code, form yard facilities advocate pull, the maintenance such as chip maintenance serves.

2) safeguard maintenance daily (with my company appraisal year the user of maintenance)

Undertake for the client check of equipment make one's rounds works regularly, environment of setting of the working status that checks equipment, parameter, work, safeguard equipment to make its achieve first-rate job status. Pass check of make one's rounds, can discover breakdown hidden danger in time, take proper step, eliminate breakdown hidden danger, assure the client's normal, safe use. In check of make one's rounds while both sides can communicate equipment to use the experience that reachs equipment to safeguard a respect, directive client is used correctly and maintain facility. When check of make one's rounds, if encounter client equipment trouble, the engineer is met with removing inside the shortest time.

3) assisted management

1, the administrative system that helps a client establish perfect and comprehensive standard and equipment use maintenance technical flow and standard;

2, the configuration archives that assists a client to build facility and upgrade defend record, for the client decision-making provide a help.

4) equipment upgrades, transform

Offer equipment to upgrade for the client, augment, transform the service that wait. Through detailed survey, join real case of the client, for client formulate practical technical program and reasonable charge plan, be in charge of the executive job of the spot according to the client's requirement.
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