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Guangzhou auspicious becomes limited company of electronic science and technolog
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Guangzhou auspicious held water in October 1998 into limited company of electronic science and technology, it is scientific research of a market, production, manage, the enterprise of civilian battalion high-tech that sale and service are an organic whole, company major is engaged in POS bazaar modern convenience, the research and development of financial peripheral and special clavier, production, sale.

Guangzhou auspicious is made into craft of limited company of electronic science and technology excelsior, ensure product quality, the product gets of the user general reputably. The company pursues science and technology to be with the person this, with the technology innovation is forerunner, product quality stability is a foundation, the service makes you satisfactory be a principle, meticulous, offer high grade and reliable product for the user heart and soul, service at Information Industry modernization.

Limited company of science and technology of Guangzhou Ji Cheng electron will be with the attitude that develops ceaselessly in the tide of new era grow expand, start brilliant tomorrow in all hand in hand with broad user

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