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A dark horse in underwear supermarket supermarket
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Speak of a supermarket, believe everybody won't unfamiliar, I what still write down ramble for the first time the scene of the supermarket, was full of fresh with curiosity, Without person sell goods, it is oneself carrying corbeil random to choose the goods that love, perhaps have interrogative time when the thing that seeks less than wanting, just looked up to be swept with the eye that fills doubt, can salesman appears before to be solved for me immediately, make me true be experienced shopping fun andSacred flavor, That feeling is bright really! Although I return what did not make clear dry what the supermarket is after all in those days, but I know to be able to ramble the supermarket is super the thing that has outer part!

As time elapse, the development impetus that the supermarket is in China is fiercer and fiercer, the supermarket shops to also had become a kind of need with daily people on. According to concerning expert introduction, chinese supermarket development is from go up century80Time starts, at that time still is a few relatively traditional feed miscellaneous inn configuration. Arrive on century90Phase of the 2nd development is entered at the beginning of time, the branch dimensions that interlinks an enterprise does not exceed commonly10The home. 90Time later period is entered new phase of round of rapid development, the industry condition such as integrated supermarket, large supermarket, convenience inn begins to appear, foreign capital also begins a large number of entering, 1000 hundred fawn on, the enterprise crossing a state such as domestic Le Fu, Woerma is nodded in foreland fast cloth,

China interlinks Ge Ping of Guo of management association chairman to ever published a speech to say: Through10Develop for years, chinese supermarket already developed the 4th level, large supermarket company begins to cross area development, the supermarket retail trade of the developed country voice, chinese home already appeared basically. The supermarket already became the “ inside Chinese retail trade to provide the one part ” of vigor most.
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