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Heroine civilization Kong Xingbin tax to the "supermarket of love" donated comm
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Help the poor to actively participate in activities, dedication to the community of love, November 29, committee member, National Tax Administration Xing Bing, Peng Wei, deputy director of Women Committee and his party led by 4 people, on behalf of the Board Heroine civilization Kong area to the town Xingbin Community "love supermarket" donated 1,000 yuan peanut oil, salt, soy sauce, detergent and other necessities group, Women's Federation President Xingbin area and "love the supermarket," the head of the "supermarket of love" to accept the items donated, and to the Bureau of donated items put "love supermarket" shelf, enriching the "love supermarket" of goods and varieties. This batch of commodities through the "supermarket of love" for distribution to poor families, living for the poor people to solve some problems, so the masses of poor families and recipients of the warm winter.