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Sanya: Construction of rural commodity chains
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Sanya is currently a solid construction of rural commodity chains, convenient life of the peasants. November 28, the reporter learned from the city supply and marketing cooperatives, the community of the township in the city, the new seven daily necessities of rural supermarket chains, the upgrading of 10 village convenience stores, to improve the shopping environment of farmers in Sanya, Sanya into new rural construction another beautiful scenery. To improve the rural market system, the development of modern agriculture to adapt to the requirements of the circulation industry, the National Supply and Marketing Cooperatives decided to implement the "new countryside construction of modern circulation network" ("the new web project") to vigorously develop modern agriculture production management services network marketing network marketing agricultural products, consumer goods and modern business networks renewable resource recycling network. And, the central government formally set up special funds to promote the "new network project" Development and support new rural construction. It is understood, the city supply and marketing cooperatives to build new networks, the development of new chains, new rural service as the goal, to achieve the "new web project" and "Ten Thousand Villages" Marketing Project as the starting point, to take three-dimensional forward, accelerate new rural modern the pace of building distribution networks, so upgrading the network synchronization and commodity distribution chain in place. Supply and marketing cooperatives charge Tianbao Ming City, said the opening day of the red sand commodity chains, is a collection of the agency and distribution, chain, integrated logistics in the supermarket, on the prosperity of the rural market and promote the circulation of commodities, village life will be easy play an active role. It is reported that field alone, Yacheng, and other places of the rural commodity Yucai supermarket chain is under construction, will be covering all the towns in Sanya, a new rural village of radiation focused consumer goods chain distribution network system, the initial build "the city with rural, urban-rural interaction, functional, information sharing, integrity harmonious, safe and secure "framework for the development of rural logistics.