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Serious and life with the first large-scale supplies stores
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"Mom, you go to checkout line, so my dad to pick up gifts lining up, I then choose something ... ..." Yesterday morning, in the Serious Sam's Club store, Ms. Chen to the family division of labor while cleanly, while pushing the cart to the fruit and vegetable area bustle. Serious Sam's Club yesterday was the first day of opening stores, supermarkets tumbled nearly residents. 10:00, Yizhuang Wal-Mart parking lot has 1,200 parking spaces were full, supermarkets around the nearly 1 km of road full of parked cars on both sides, also stopped on the sidewalk a few. Park Road leading to Wal-Mart's culture and by the network was packed, some drivers stop looking forward to the car, was also pulled out his cellphone camera. About 11:30, the traffic is too large, the introduction of Cultural Park Road traffic control. "My son, too many people, Today let's take a look, do not buy." Marketplace, Mr. Gu Kezhou holding his son, said as he squeezed forward. And the outside than inside the supermarket is hot. 12,000 square meters of the store in the crowded, every shelf is full of people before, channels are full of people, customers Tuizhe Che move forward only a 点点. 10:40 around the cash register is not only a long team, returns the counter are lined up. Originally, Wal-Mart merchandise available to customers a discount booklet, the customer took the product brochure first scan the bar code can enjoy the discount, but too many customers, some customers omissions cashier discount merchandise. Customers found themselves after the payment of goods to buy the discount, but no reduction, then go to a refund. 11 after receiving the gifts of the counter is also waiting in a queue. "500 yuan can get enough to buy 100 of the cleaning products spree." Miss Gu Keli holding a "booty" happy to say that "good gifts, and finally the white row of 40 minutes is no team." Xie aunt who lives in Yizhuang received 3 a big gift, "we heard in June to open Wal-Mart, has been looking forward to opening. before the founding of road every week to Wal-Mart, have 100 dollars a taxi back and forth." Xie said Mother, 8 pm opened the door, her children and husband to squeeze, and a crowded line for two hours they bought two shopping carts full of groceries. "Serious and finally a large shopping areas." Ms. Lee said that she lived for many years in Yizhuang, now Yizhuang residence, employment of population 30 million, there must be a resident population of nearly 10 million, does it need a reasonable commercial facilities.