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Chen Cheng largest auto supplies stores open by the end
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New Tiancheng Business Management on October 22 announced, "MAKE U.S. car Inn" at the end of the trial operation, which is the company's automotive products industry to promote the upgrade, with a total investment of a billion dollars, creating the largest, the line The industry's first department store to the new doctrine as a concept car, the "choice" mode of operation of the automotive supplies supermarkets. "MAKE U.S. car Inn" victory in South Street, Heping District, located northeast B1, auto parts business center, supermarket of the total area of 1.6 million square meters, targeting a broad range of goods, covering the automotive electronic foreign trade products, car seat, floor mats, household Foreign supplies, automotive quality, automotive electronics, car, care products and other commodities more than ten thousand kinds of categories. According to general manager of the new business management Tiancheng Mr. Li Haidong introduction, the supermarket chain in the automotive products business will be the inevitable direction of the terminal retail market. Supermarket chain to implement group purchasing management, channel flat, direct form Into a superior product features at competitive prices, perfect quality management and assure trouble-free service, these are the end-consumer groups most concerned. Operation of supermarket chains that import goods to boost domestic car market as a whole Quality upgrade. New heaven's goal is to establish the next few years in Shenyang on the basis of a number of chain stores, and gradually expand to the nation, in the industry to achieve real choice of automotive supplies supermarket chain network system.