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Supermarket sales put on the National Day holiday theme supplies have been g
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Mid-Autumn Festival holiday just past, the city supermarkets quickly "facelift" of goods shelves Mid-Autumn Festival, the replacement for the "Eleventh" promotional theme. Currently, bicycles, bags and other promotional items holiday is in full swing manner. Interview with reporters yesterday that, to welcome the upcoming Golden Week, to meet customer leisure, travel demand, many large supermarkets in the city, luggage or shoulder bags and bicycles, and other travel products, promotional efforts are great, the value of 99 yuan backpack you can buy now 79 yuan; Some recipes such as books and audiovisual products of life are also special to attract the attention of consumers indicated, twenty-odd recipes now take home less than 15 bucks. In addition, some supermarket shopping in order to attract consumers, or the old customer feedback, such as the Tesco supermarket, as of August 30, 2010 points over 450 members can participate in exchange activities, cash vouchers; or for new customers be presented, such as easy to buy the supermarket, purchase of 128 yuan, you can participate in sweepstakes, and first prize is a travel voucher, travel burdens for the Golden Week. In addition, the Metro supermarket in the National Day carnival before the launch of the appliance, not only discounts or gift certificates in many household appliances, but also give consumers access to over 1,000 yuan single invoice value of 50 yuan two non-food shopping discount coupons.