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Voluntary organizations in China supermarket own-brand hard freeze has been reco
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Dormant second and third tier cities in China, 6 years old organizer of the world's largest voluntary supermarket chains began testing the waters first-tier cities SPAR. Following the end of last month in Beijing opened its first store after the first-tier cities, recently printing of rumors, SPAR members of Dongguan in southern China together Goodwin into the Pearl River New Life Community supermarket supermarket. However, the industry view, the current first-tier cities SPAR Jedi fighting back, and Wal-Mart, Carrefour supermarket giant, the contest in the first-tier cities, the strength of the gap is still relatively poor.

It is reported that first-tier cities in China as a SPAR opened the first hypermarket, opened less than a month in the burst mode of operation is evidence of lack of acclimatization. Industry experts said that with the SPAR two weapon - its own brand, the development of joint procurement in China is not satisfactory are not unrelated, "the slow development of its own brand, no substantial progress in joint procurement, joint distribution is almost zero. differences in the voluntary chain management, low-cost strategy and we talk about? "Some experts said that at least this has been regarded as" small and medium retail enterprises in China last straw "was now rarely mentioned.

Status: walking extremely difficult in China

It is understood that the development of a voluntary chain in the United States and Europe over 80 years of history, its background is the small and medium enterprises in response to Wal-Mart and other large retail enterprise competition, through the United Way go to achieve scale effects. As early as 2004 and 2005, two well-known international organization of voluntary chain SPAR and the IGA has entered China, it has been in the second and third tier markets. SPAR 6 years in China, the development of seven members, go exceptionally difficult; Similarly, despite the number of IGA members to more than the SPAR, but it did not allow member companies to reap the desired results.

Dormant in China only started after 6 years SPAR test the waters first-tier cities, and take from the "encircling the cities" route. Early last month, SPAR members of the joint cooperation of its Beijing Arima out of the city's first line stores, SPAR China Chief Representative Gary Chang said that next year will be augmented by a further 100 SPAR stores. The move by the industry said it was secretly competing with Wal-Mart and Carrefour SPAR, but whether it is the number of stores, turnover, or fame are far less than the latter two, so this is a strength of the disparity of the contest. More importantly, the voluntary chain is a kind of loose alliance, it is difficult to maintain a permanent member. SPAR Member Henan Sida, is the right path in the garden department withdrew quickly after the acquisition of SPAR. Gary Chang admits that the future does not rule out individual members of mergers and acquisitions in the market or face the possibility of exit SPAR.

Difficult problems are its own brand identity 1

Last month the city opened the first-line management Zhuang SPAR stores, to cover its own brand potato chips, soft drinks, wipes, socks, food and daily necessities, but the mainstream commodity brands, although the price of own-brand SPAR lower, but few people interested.

Own-brand stores, said an expert on Feng Jianjun, SPAR expansion of first-tier cities of the "ambition" is to promote its own brand, to help small and medium sized supermarkets deal with supermarket giant's strategy of daily specials, but as the most anti-SPAR weapons, its own brand in China are precisely the performance of acclimatized. Feng Jianjun that, compared to Wal-Mart, Carrefour, SPAR lack of awareness of the new supermarket has offered its own brand but instinctive suspicion. In addition, although the own-brand merchandise than other commodities, profits to more than 10% higher, but SPAR into China only 320 varieties of own-brand sales accounted for less than 5%, compared to the supermarket on the kinds of commodities speaking, the minimal proportion of its own goods.