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China ensures eligible milk powder to supply
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Beijing of China News Service on September 20 report (reporter Yu Lan) because of 3 get together the homebred milk powder that vigour of cyanogen amine problem hurts greatly hardship wins a people to trust. Current, not check goes out 3 get together the market of milk powder of infant of card of home made product of cyanogen amine is supplied enough, sales volume also appeared recently pick up.

20 days of evening disclose Department of Commerce, to the whole nation according to its retail business monitors 350 stresses, on September 17 not check goes out 3 get together the sales volume of milk powder of infant of card of home made product of cyanogen amine relatively twelfth drops 3 into 3, but 18 days relatively seventeen days pick up two into, 19 days relatively 18 days pick up further 4% .

Incident of milk powder of infant of 3 deer card overturns a domino, cause crisis of reliance of industry of domestic milk products, the people carries “ to suckle ” color to change, milk powder of card of home made product for a time lack person make inquires, entrance brand milk powder demands exceeds supply, sales volume soares.

This afternoon, the enterprise of 21 problems milk powder such as Yi Li, Meng Niu pledges to the country check total bureau handed over quality safety affirmatory book, its express, will use real operation, put an end to this kind of incident happen again, “ builds a ” of clean dairy produce market.

The expert expresses, 3 deer incident already caused serious effect to industry of homebred milk powder, confidence of heavy model consumer will be the process ” with an endless “ .

Early before a few days, as problem milk powder next wearing, milk powder market is supplied ever slanted for a time close. Department of Commerce says today, take step via concerning a section, not check goes out 3 get together the company of treatment of milk products production of cyanogen amine strengthens production actively also to attemper, raise milk powder yield hard, at present milk powder market is supplied enough.

Afterwards Whitworth makes a statement acceptance after milk powder of its infant recipe won't rise in price inside year, the much home foreign capital such as much more beautiful grow suckles course of study to the tycoon also made a statement in succession recently or express to media, won't undertake raising price to its milk powder, and coordinating the whole world supply catenary to make sure Chinese market is supplied amply. Be over

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