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Headquarters of Anhui of Ou Shangchao city is garrisoned lake of overgrown with
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The graph is president of division of China of Ou Shang group Mr Su Dehua to be dance lion to nod eyeball on practice celebration.

Yesterday morning, another significant activity holds Cultural Festival of cate of the 7th phoenix successfully to ——— Europe Shang Anhui headquarters enters the lake that be stationed in overgrown with weeds formally and hold ceremony of start business of Ou Shangchao town, this is afterwards after Woerma interlinks a supermarket, garrison the supermarket of chain of another large internationalization of the our city.
Ou Shang group is the commercial group with famous whole world, held water 1961, it is a familial pattern company that has culture of business of good standing. Approval of industrial and commercial management board established the Anhui province of limited company classics of Anhui Europe Shang Chao city in April 2008. Anhui Europe still exceeds inn of lake of city limited company overgrown with weeds to register capital to be 7.5 million dollar, always invest 15 million dollar. Floor area is 30 thousand much square metre, business area is 9300 square metre, it is the 26th when Ou Shang is in China large supermarket.
Su Dehua of president of division of Ou Shangzhong state (Olivier Soule) the gentleman expresses when accepting a reporter to interview, ou Shang is to be in 13 nations of world and area to own large supermarket 500 strong companies of 90 world, in the whole nation city of more than 10 provinces owns large supermarket. The consistent support that Ou Shanggan thanks municipal government of lake of overgrown with weeds and government of lens lake district to give, will over grown with weeds for the help as always progress of economy of lake city place, raise rate of labor obtain employment to make positive contribution. The Ou Shangchao city of this practice (inn of lake of overgrown with weeds) department Anhui the first, next year the plan continues to offer the 2nd supermarket in lake of overgrown with weeds. Tu Zhiqin of Tang Xiaohu article photographs reporter Wu Anya

(Without license of network of news of lake of overgrown with weeds, forbidden reprint)

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