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Flower case bar code: Presswork in the number the travel before the domain rides
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Editor's note: Technology of bar code of Beijing flower case expands limited company (the following abbreviation flower case) held water 1993, it is Chinese northern region has representative commercial bill to presswork one of enterprises, also be the company that enlists development of odd ” of detail of “EMS express delivery, production the earliest, also be one of main drafting units of “YZ/TOO47-2001” occupation standard at the same time. Can say, in domain of technology of commercial bill, bar code and postal industry, flower case is in China earlier sortie number pressworks the delegate of the medium and small businesses of the domain.

So, as a medium and small businesses, presswork nowadays the times of ” of “ small profit of the industry, is flower case with how is glamour glaring presswork at the number in the domain? Flower case is all of one handed down from the older generations of the family is at the beginning of the transition of the enterprise still holds water, pressworking to decide case to presswork at the number domain? Does the first number of this company presswork is equipment OK restrospect to when? Presswork to the number reach a number to presswork equipment, the distinctive opinion that flower case has what oneself again …… is taking these question, in a sunshine bright afternoon, the author will be located in Beijing prosperous to make the same score area north the flower pattern company of 7 high-tech garden, favour interviewed CTO of flower pattern company Mr Li Aijun (the following abbreviation Mr Li) !

Hui Cong net: Are you from when to begin to be engaged in a number pressworking of the production of the product? What business to basically pursue?

Mr Li: Flower case held water 1993, be study by science of national post office program courtyard, elegant honest invests (Hong Kong) limited company, China fast the China and foreign countries that gives 4 units of company of group of equipment of post and telecommunications of service company, China to be established jointly is joint-stock joint stock company. Can say, the fixed position at the beginning of flower case holds water is a number presswork, basically include bar code to presswork, commercial bill pressworks, trade case pressworks etc. Among them, bar code pressworks the main technique that can saying is flower case, company with identifying a technology automatically now (Auto-IDTechnology) for forerunner, technology, bar code is generated to presswork in bar code development of software of technology, bar code technology and digitlization presswork alterable information field is obtained early or late fix eyes upon achievement, it is national post office is appointed presswork “ postal express delivery (EMS) one of manufacturer of detail odd ” , it is postal “ Taiwan the only manufacturer that express hair gives odd ” , it is the main supplier that domestic and international much home expresses sheet application enterprise. In domain of technology of commercial bill, bar code and postal industry, ” of “ flower case is enjoyed extensive famous degree, it is “ China pressworks ” of ” of branch of bill of technical association trade, association of technology of bogus of the national defence in “ and technology of “ China bar code and the main member that use association ” and standing director unit.
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