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New-style GIS data is collected implement introduce Harbin
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Recently, a kind of new-style hand-held inferior information of rice class geography (GIS) data is collected implement introduce Harbin city, begin to undertake precision checks by academy of city survey mapping.
According to introducing, this system can receive professional satellite to locate signal undertakes essence of life decides, and can pass database of wireless network join, the city that the spot is checked to building a program to undertake or searchs the establishment such as well lid, afforest provides information, need not employ large facility to be able to master digital city skill, can use extensively at town planning, digital city provides the spot survey that waits for a system, the can effective efficiency that improves urban government. After precision tests an end, this system will undertake software is developed, hopeful is used at will be being thrown this year in May. Reporter Zhu Xiaosong photographs our newspaper

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