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Datalogic attends Nepcon Hua Na to exhibit and release successfully new-style sc
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Summary: Datalogic attends Nepcon Hua Na to exhibit and release successfully new-style scanner of 2 dimension bar code
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Recently, datalogic company announces scanner of bar code of industry of a new-style 2D, this product will exhibit can aspirant travel to reveal in the Npecon Hua Na that 26-29 day will hold at Shenzhen in August.

Matrix 200 is reader of bar code of a new-style 2D of Datalogic company, it is had read function wonderfully, exceed small size, and use very easily. The optics that depends on innovation is characteristic, advanced software function, USB and interface of complete the communication that string together a mouth, for very small to installing a space application, matrix 200™ is best compact model industrial image reads a code implement

Exceed minor volume

Dimension is compact, read a distance close, DOF is big, straight formula or 90 read the window, these characteristics make Matrix 200 is inside narrow space installation and fixed position are very agile

Excellent performance

WVGA image sensor, can achieve 60 frame / the sampling frequency of the second; Powerful trends is read take ability and substantial decipher library to make Matrix 200 phyletic to extensive bar code, destroy the bar code with inferior quality to have outstanding decipher capacity; Use window adjustment function, matrix 200 still can achieve taller sampling frequency, satisfy the requirement that higher handling capacity uses thereby.

The optics of innovation is characteristic

Advanced lighting system ensures read a code implement OK and exact location. Sensor of high resolution optics can allow to read take 3mil (0.076mm) exceed close together 2D bar code.

Handy use

Intuitionistic X-PRESS makes install and safeguard than before more simple: The 5 LED indicator light on Matrix 200 crust and muti_function key, for example focal length adjustment, parameter is installed (use at automatic image calibration) , self-study reviews (use at voluntary bar code to install) , test mode (use LED to indicate) ; The success that read a code has green place to show instantly. The communication interface of high speed ID-NET™ that embeds inside strengthened join way offers the network wiring that efficient data is collected and simplifies; USB interface can be linked together with the computer directly.

Industrial grade

Matrix 200 is most the product that applies to industrial application, because it has flush type mounting, IP65 defends grade is mixed 50 degrees of highest moving temperature.

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